TEHRAN (IQNA) – According to Saudi authorities, almost two million pilgrims have performed Umrah during the current season which started on July 30.

The air, land, and sea ports in the Kingdom recorded the arrival of a total of 1,964,964 pilgrims from outside the Kingdom, since the beginning of the Umrah season on Muharram 1, 1444 (July 30).

The number of arrivals through airports reached 1,783,392 pilgrims, while the number of arrivals through land ports stood at 180,363, whereas the number of pilgrims arriving by sea accounted for 1,209 pilgrims.

Pilgrims from Indonesia, the most populous Muslim nation, ranked first among the countries which had sent the highest number of pilgrims. A total of 551,410 Indonesian Umrah pilgrims arrived in the Kingdom during the current season.

Pakistan came second with 370,083 pilgrims, while India stood third with 230,794 pilgrims. India is followed by Iraq with 150,109 pilgrims and Egypt with 101,657 pilgrims. Bangladesh came last by sending 11,984 pilgrims.

There are 470 Saudi companies and establishments that are licensed to provide services to the Umrah pilgrims and visitors during the 10-month Umrah season that will end on Dhul Qaada 29, just before the annual pilgrimage of Hajj.

Saudi Arabia has extended the Umrah visa period from one month to three months and the pilgrims are allowed to travel throughout the Kingdom during their visa period. The visa period will end before the three-month if it overlaps the Hajj season.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah stressed the need for Umrah companies and establishments to commit to providing all the required service packages to the pilgrims with the aim of raising the quality of services in the sector and facilitating the journey of the pilgrims so as to achieve the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Meanwhile, the ministry said that the total number of beneficiaries of the “Nusk” application (Eatmarna app previously) reached more than 20 million and these include various types of permits, for performing Umrah and prayer in the Grand Mosque, visiting the Prophet’s Mosque to greet the Prophet (peace be upon him), in addition to praying in the Rawdah Sharif.

The number of beneficiaries of the services being extended by Enaya Centers in Makkah and Madinah, which are concerned with serving Umrah pilgrims coming from outside Saudi Arabia, reached more than 100,000 beneficiaries.