Over the past few decades, the growth of Wisconsin’s vibrant Muslim community has lead to the establishment of important institutions and businesses that serve the community’s needs. Numerous Mosques, full-time and weekend schools, ethnic grocery stores, restaurants, gender specific salons, child daycare centers, clinics, a senior citizen center and even a library, have become readily available.

One of the needs that has remained is a method to connect the Muslim community throughout the state. Missing was a type of news journal that can highlight lived experiences, and modern issues and perspectives – whether individuals live in a small town up north or in a large city by the lake.

Most importantly, this news journal is also an opportunity for the Muslim community to forge closer relations with friends and fellow citizens of various faiths and spiritualities, furthering understanding, promoting dialogue, and celebrating the diversity within our state.

We are thrilled to begin forging a voice for Muslims as a local and state online media platform. We are confident readers will find these articles of great interest and the photo essays appealing.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions, and we hope you will share the Wisconsin Muslim Journal with all of your friends and neighbors.


Janan Najeeb

PUBLISHER, Wisconsin Muslim Journal – a production of the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition