The Adventures of Nur Al-Din by Badees Nouiouat

Young Adult Fiction

A great book takes the reader on a journey. I encourage you to join Farid on his epic journeys through medieval Spain and the surrounding Mediterranean.

In the story, Farid, a strong and handsome 18-year-old Muslim man, bristles under the increasingly hostile rule of the Catholic-dominated Spanish government. After a successful wrestling match he is invited to join a crew of pirates fighting back against the Spanish domination. He accepts the challenge immediately and his adventures begin!  

Farid learns swordsmanship, sea-faring skills and more.  He soon becomes a valued member of the crew.  Unfortunately, even skilled fighters are sometimes captured but Farid’s rock-solid faith and knowledge of the Qu’ran help him survive isolation in a dank and dreary dungeon. 

Read The Adventures of Nur Al-Din and enjoy an epic adventure with fantastic battle scenes, strong characters and a great portrayal of an important historical time. 

Adventures of Nur Al-Din continue in Nouiouat’s sequel, The Sultan’s Sword also available at the Islamic Resource Library!