They Called Me a Lioness: A Palestinian Girl’s Fight for Freedom by Ahed Tamimi

Adult non-fiction

A riveting first-person account tells the evolution of Ahed Tamimi from a frightened child hiding in her house to a strong young woman protesting illegal Israeli seizures of her village and the horrific occupation of Palestinian lands. 

The Israeli strong-arm tactics of tear-gassing civilians, nighttime raids, deadly attacks against women and children and human-rights violating detentions has inflicted an entire people with trauma.  Ahed Tamami was able to channel that trauma into a resolve to be stronger and smarter than her enemy.  

Tamimi’s story of resistance in the face of oppression, mental strength of her and her family, including her emotional intelligence, make this a book that everyone should read.  Adults and teens will be pulled in by Tamami’s life and the story of her protests and imprisonment.

Given the current situation in Gaza, this book is a valuable resource to help readers gain a more immediate understanding of the decades of struggle endured by the Palestinian people and the long history of unethical acts by the Israeli government.

Available now at the Islamic Resource Library