By increasing the number of Arab Americans working in the public service sector, the Arab American Leadership Fund (AALF) will help strengthen the political power of the Arab American community, ensuring that federal agencies and policy makers are reflective of our community and its related needs. This fund will also empower young Arab Americans and create networking and mentorship opportunities, leadership development workshops, and conversations with Arab American leaders, their allies, and others serving in key public policy positions. The AALF will allow young Arab Americans to gain a complex understanding of the federal government, the legislative process, and how to shape policy in their ultimate professionsWe seek to create a network of AALF fellows that have a deep passion for engaging in public policy. 

About the fund 

The AALF — established by lifelong policy and advocacy champions, Brenda Abdelall and Rima Meroueh — increases access for Arab American youth by funding summer internships in federal government agencies, Capitol Hill, and in other key public service institutions in Washington, D.C. 

The AALF seeks to: 

  • Increase the number of Arab Americans engaged in federal public policy; 
  • Create networking opportunities between Arab American youth and experienced public policy professionals; and 
  • Produce a pipeline of Arab Americans with strong public policy exp



The AALF will award applicants to be placed at one of three summer fellowship positions in either a federal government agency, Capitol Hill, or a key public service institution in Washington, D.C. Fellows will be provided a stipend of $3,000 for their time. Assistance for transportation and housing is also available to those who qualify based on financial need. Beginning in summer 2021, a maximum of three fellows will be supported.

View the full application instructions here

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