Hilal Ibrahim, the founder and CEO of Henna & Hijabs (H&H), released a new fall and winter clothing collection for Muslim women and girls, which is the first hijab collection on sale inside the major retail store, Nordstrom.

Ibrahim expressed her excitement about the partnership with Nordstrom.

Pictured: Hilal Ibrahim

“I am grateful to find collaborators that are committed to creating a place where every customer is welcome, respected, appreciated and able to be themselves,” she said. “Henna & Hijabs’ mission is inspired from a place of inclusion and representation. As an entrepreneur and designer, I hope our new partnership with Nordstrom and this collection of hijabs will offer millions of underrepresented women a favorite new addition to their closet, but also inspire them to reimagine what is possible and find inner strength.”

The new collection is currently on display in many Nordstrom stores across the U.S., including the latest addition this month at Tysons Corner Center in Virginia. Ibrahim was joined by over 200 people for the official launch, which was also graced by the presence of comedian Yasmin Elhady, influencer Aysha Harun and Usma Sabir. Most of the products sold out during the event.

The fall collection offers an additional 11 hijabs that meet trends and offer comfortable material for colder weather. It also features a cap that can help keep hijabs from slipping off.

Ibrahim hopes this collection in Nordstrom will make purchasing hijabs easier for Muslim women and girls.

“Until now, many Muslim women had to go to multiple stores to find a complete outfit including hijab, but through this partnership, we’re making modest fashion more accessible for the millions of Muslim women in the U.S. and Canada – who can now walk into a Nordstrom with confidence and see themselves represented throughout the store,” she said.

Jen Jackson Brown, EVP and President of Nordstrom Product Group, said the Nordstrom team looks forward to evolving their product line.

“We are honored and excited to be partnering with Henna & Hijabs (H&H) to create a thoughtfully designed collection of hijabs for our customers,” she said. “We look forward to continuing to evolve our assortment, while listening to our employees, customers, brand partners and neighbors along the way. We hope this collection provides a sense of pride, excitement and confidence for an otherwise underrepresented community of women.”

Ibrahim founded H&H in 2017 after realizing the lack of fashion options available for Muslim women. She hopes this line will show other retailers that Muslim women are an integral part of society.

“I wanted to find a way to uplift millions of young girls and women to dream big, and I truly wanted the young women and girls who look like me to know that the representation that you guys see in the store tonight is really important and really matters,” she said.

Image Courtesy of Henna and Hijabs

Ibrahim also created Hijabs for Healthcare, a mission she created in an effort to address the lack of fashionable hijabs available for Muslim women in healthcare. In 2018, H&H created the first healthcare hijab.

The hijabs at Nordstrom start at $39 and can be purchased online and in stores.

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