Many Mosques around WI did their best to bring the holiday spirit to children in their congregations during this time of social distancing due to the Covid Pandemic.  Many smaller congregations distributed goodie bags and desserts, while others created opportunities for members to offer Eid greetings to each other via online platforms.


Al-Huda Mosque, with a location in Greenfield as well as South Milwaukee, used their larger South Milwaukee campus to broadcast the traditional Eid takbeerat and khutba.  Their Eid on Wheels event that followed featured bubble machines, costume characters and goodie bags.  Creating a Eid atmosphere and making children happy was the achieved goal.

Pictures by Al-Huda Masjid


Masjid Al-Noor in Brookfield held a drive thru celebration which included large “book pages” that told the story of this unique and historic Ramadan and Eid.  Goodie bags, balloons and desserts were distributed to families who came dressed in their finest Eid clothes.  Photos of each family were taken in the safety of their cars.  Just being able to celebrate together, even if it is in Mosque parking lots, was important for maintaining a sense of community.

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