Undefeatable is an attribute of a person, group or a nation that be said to be “incapable of being defeated or of accepting defeat, UNCONQUERABLEINVINCIBLE.” In these days when attributes and accolades are thrown around on TV, social media and for the most minor accomplishments, invincible might have a Hollywood sound but Palestine is not the case. Palestine and Palestinians defy the every day normal of normal for they are the real thing and the definition of its meaning. Palestinians, time and again, lived up to being a people that is unconquerable and invincible despite the overwhelming internal and external odds arrayed against.

Western powers, Zionism, colonialism and all its operatives stand incapacitated when Palestine and Palestinians are involved. Poor little mighty things called powerful, they can’t even stand seeing the colors of the flag, permit a lecture, allow the words Nakba, BDS or even Palestine to be mentioned! I laugh out load since only weak and Teflon edifices act this way precisely because they are powerless in the face of a mighty and real people, Palestinians.

Demonize as you may, cancel as you may, and pass laws to muzzle the voices as you may but all of it just affirms the power and invincibility of the Palestinians. Take note again, and “record in your files” that Palestinians are undefeatable and are coming back to their homes and lands-it is not if but only a matter of when!

Israel, Zionism and all its global, regional and local supporters have all hitched their broken violent wagon to a settler colonial project that is vested in a genocidal campaign against the Palestinians. However, I fear not the future horizons since we are talking of the UNCONQUERABLEINVINCIBLE Palestinian people after all. The plan to erase Palestine and the Palestinians did not start with the recent attacks on JeninNablus, or Turmusaya but can be traced to late 19th and early 20th centuries with the involvement of all the major powers.

In the “halls of power” of the White Global North and in the post colonial capitals in the Global South, Palestine’s fate was sealed and determined with the Palestinians pushed off the land to usher the birth of the Western modern “civilized” Zionist history. Just a note to Zionist, the White Western World is supporting Israel so as to usher their own history and fulfillment through the second coming with the end being a genocide to all those who don’t prescribe to this distorted theology! From the first days of Zionist settler colonization and western conniving strategies, the Palestinians never stopped resisting attempts directed at their erasure and genocide.

Zionism, Israel and all its allies never understood the basic fact that the Palestinians are an undefeatable people and are creatively invincible in ways that colonialism is far too dump to comprehend. Yes, the military hardware and resources are all overwhelmingly in the hands of Israel with much of the international structure is situated to protect, extend and facilitate Zionist domination over the Palestinians. However, the Palestinians have demonstrated over the past 100 plus years that they are not going anywhere and will continue to insist on freedom, liberation and end of all colonization.

Palestinians have faced the British and Zionist death machines and violence since the end of WWI but never lost sight of their land and the readiness to resist and struggle to retain it. Indeed, the Palestinians have overcame the greatest odds history placed over them with a Zionist settler colonialism supported by all the major powers and increasingly Arab and Muslim normalizers coming to the rescue.

Jenin’s refugee camp, Nablus, Al-Khalil, Acre, Gaza, Jaffa, Bisan, Tulkaram, the more than 58 refugee camps and millions of Palestinians across the world are rooted in their land and are on their way back. Palestinians emerge from an epistemic of invincibility with collective sacrifice and resistance written into every narrative and a deep reservoir of Sumud.

Jenin Undefeatedness: Unveiling the Brutality of Israeli Aggression

The Israeli attack on the Jenin refugee camp and by extension the city of Jenin in Palestine is forever etched in the collective memory of the Palestinian people as a grim reminder of the atrocities committed against Zionism. The recent assault took place under the guise of a military operation, yet it left in its wake a trail of devastation, death, and untold suffering. The horrific attacks came on the heel of orchestrated settler violence that is intended to expand the settlement footprint in the West Bank. Settlers pogroms that are protected by the Israeli Defense Force are intended to create facts on the ground and make a Palestinian state impossible.

The Israeli military assault on Jenin refugee camp was a flagrant violation of international law and human rights. I know, I know and no need to remind me but this is something that we Palestinians are expert at and sometimes it is a form of comic relief in the middle of misery. I know international law and human rights don’t really apply to the Palestinians because we were supposed to have exited stage left back in 1917, to allow Zionism and European “civilizational” project to take its course. Jenin was subjected to a brutal attack with massive Israeli force moving with bulldozers to damage streets and buildings while drones and aircraft covered the skied. This deliberate invasion of Jenin’s refugee camp was intended to terrorize the population and compel it to surrender to the colonizing power. Jenin and the Palestinians are undefeatable, UNCONQUERABLEINVINCIBLE people but the Zionism failed and will continue to fail in reading the memo about Palestine.