We had a fantastic evening at our 12th Annual MMWC Gala.  It was important to tell you about the amazing work we are doing in many areas.  

Whether it is empowering our new immigrants and their beautiful children to become successful members of society, building confident youth leaders in the face of skyrocketing Islamophobia, creating a voice for the Muslim community through the Wisconsin Muslim Journal, or promoting an accurate narrative by working with well-respected organizations like PBS Wisconsin.  Whether it is helping our most vulnerable with Our Peaceful Home, or using our cultural expertise with our public health initiatives, the MMWC is making an impact.  

There was so much more we didn’t have time to talk about like our one-of-a-kind library in Wisconsin staffed with a professional librarian, our Muslim film festival that is now officially affiliated with the Cultures and Communities program at Milwaukee Film. Thanks to virtual technology, our robust speaker’s bureau is able to give talks across the state, reaching groups that have minimal access to diversity.

How important are these programs to you, in a polarized country? I heard an interesting quote today during my niece’s graduation.  The speaker said, “life is not a rehearsal, you don’t get a practice run. If you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, will you do it? If you have the opportunity to promote social justice and equity, will you do it?  If you can make a palpable impact on society, will you take that opportunity? And if you can’t do it personally, can you support those who can?”  This is the opportunity you have today. I hope you will give and continue to give generously.

These have been a difficult few years, as a world we went through a challenge that we have not seen in our lifetime, we lost more than a million Americans, almost everyone knows someone who died in this pandemic or is permanently disabled.  We saw inequity and suffering, but I think it has also forced us to get a perspective on life, what is really important, what really matters, what will our legacy look like?  

I know for the MMWC, it made us take a long look at what we were doing and really prioritize the most impactful work we do.  Don’t judge an organization by what they say about themselves, judge it by what others, who have nothing to gain, say about it and the impact it has made in their lives.  

The MMWC learned very early that success comes from competing with yourself, not with others.  What are the strengths of the organization and how can we continue to improve and expand utilizing the strengths and expertise we have?  That’s why you see unique and well thought out programs and projects.  We hope you agree and we hope you will support us.

We thank God for all of our donors, our team, board, staff, interns and volunteers. 

We thank God for all of you and for your generous support.  Our accomplishments are shared by every supporter and noted by God.  

Janan Najeeb, founder and president of Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition