Wisconsin Muslimah Circle members (from left to right) Nyla Khan, Naima Hankar, Habiba Wasiuddin and Zainab Rahman created a one-day Eid pop-up shop during Ramadan. All proceeds went to support Our Peaceful Home project and their clients.

With Eid al-Fitr just around the corner, many Muslims have new outfits hanging in their closets to wear at morning prayers and celebrations marking the end of Ramadan. Deals offered by Islamic clothing brands, mainstream designers’ modest fashion lines and online shopping have facilitated Eid spending sprees. But a new Eid ensemble is out of reach for many Muslim women who are domestic violence survivors and new to the country.

To give Muslim women from these communities a holiday surprise, Wisconsin Muslimah Circle joined forces with Our Peaceful Home, a culturally specific domestic abuse project of the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition.

Their early Eid gift to the clients of Our Peaceful Home? A one-day Eid pop-up shop during Ramadan. 

The shoppers, many who hail from Myanmar, Somalia, India, Pakistan and several Middle Eastern countries, were each given vouchers to select an outfit for themselves and their family.  The women browsed gently-used abayas, Desi partywear, children’s clothing, hijabs, glass bangles and jewelry sets that were donated by local women.

The collaborative pop-up shop was also open to members of the general public, many who were glad to hear that all sales benefited Our Peaceful Home.

“This is the month of giving and helping others,” shopper Naima Hankar pointed out.

Since the pop-up was both “a nice opportunity to get something matching for my Eid clothes” and helping a worthy cause, “I thought it was a good idea to come,” said Fatima Farooq, another shopper. 

Organizers were so happy with the turnout, they hope it’s the start of many collaborations designed to boost the spirits of women who are just learning to navigate their lives in the United States.

“It was so heartwarming to see a memorable outfit that my daughter outgrew being clutched by a little girl who fell in love with it,” gushed Zainab Rahman, an organizer.

Just watching the women rummage through the merchandise “reminded me of how our clothes, which may no longer be of any significance to us, can be of great benefit to others,” said Alimah Habiba Wasiuddin of Wisconsin Muslimah Circle, which describes itself as a space for Muslim women to to grow spiritually, 

“Similarly, our actions which we deem to be insignificant, can weigh heavily on The Day we face our Lord.”  

This spirit of giving is what strengthens the Muslim and larger communities, said  Basema Yasin, coordinator of Our Peaceful Home.

“The fact that we have Muslim sisters giving of their time, experience, and resources to help other Muslim sisters is a testament to the power of faith and community, Alhamdulilah,” Yasin said.

To donate to Our Peaceful Home during Ramadan or any other time, click here.