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A rare and up-close look at the first night of Taraweeh in Wisconsin

Muslims around the world and in Wisconsin began fasting for the month of Ramadan, which began this year on May 15. The ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, Ramadan moves up by ten days every year. Over the course of a normal lifetime an individual will have fasted the entire year at least twice. From pre-dawn to dusk, Muslims abstain from food and drink, even water. Fasting is one of the five main required pillars in Islam, and it is the month that the Holy Quran began to be revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (P). The Quran says,...

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Wisconsin Churches show support for Muslim Neighbors during Ramadan

In an effort to express its faith commitment to love thy neighbor, the Wisconsin Council of Churches reached out to its Muslim neighbors with a message of solidarity, and respect for the holy season of Ramadan. Ramadan began at sunset on Tuesday, May 15 and lasts until sunset on June 14. Members of the organization are committed to be compassionate neighbors, bearing witness to the love and justice of Christ when those of other faith traditions experience prejudice. For the last two years the Minnesota Council of Churches ran a yard sign campaign during Ramadan, to show support for...

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Marquette professor pushes scholars to educate against Islamophobia in the Age of Trump

As Donald Trump enters the second year of his four-year term as a president, many began unpacking their initial impressions of his unexpected victory and controversial administration. One of them is Louise Cainkar, a sociologist and associate professor of Sociology and Social Welfare and Justice at Marquette University where she also directs the major in Peace Studies and minor in Arab and Muslim American Studies. Spending her entire career researching Arab and Muslim Americans, Cainkar argues that “long-standing anti-Arab racism became more strongly anti-Muslim in recent decades, yet all Arabs get caught up in its impacts, as well as...

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Milwaukee joins worldwide protests to condemn Israeli massacre of Palestinian civilians

Hundreds of Milwaukee residents rallied at O’Donnell Park on May 14, protesting the opening of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem and the kiIIings in Gaza of Palestinian civilians who marched in a nonviolent protest. The Milwaukee protesters marched around the downtown area, holding signs and chanted slogans that drew comparisons between Israel and apartheid South Africa, the Civil Rights marches in America that were met with violence, and the condition of the Palestinians in Gaza being like European concentration camps from World War II. A collection of groups, including the U.S. Palestinian Community Network, Jewish Voice for Peace,...

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The role of Wisconsin Universities in furthering efforts for interfaith dialogue

Two students recently shared their findings on interfaith dialogue between Christians and Muslims in the Milwaukee area at the annual Interfaith Symposium. Kaitlyn Daly, Nursing ’17, and Caroline Redick, a Ph.D. candidate in theology, worked on a year-long research project with three other students examining different aspects of interfaith dialogue between Christians and Muslims in Milwaukee. Irfan Omar, a professor of theology and world religions, helped facilitate the research project. Daly, Redick and the three other students were in Omar’s interfaith graduate class in spring 2017. Their final project evolved beyond the classroom and grew into an academic publication....

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