The Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition in partnership with the Medical College of Wisconsin and the Muslim Mental Health Consortium, with generous support from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, is putting together a two day mental health conference. There is a growing Muslim population in Wisconsin, both immigrant and refugee, with a minimal number of Muslim mental health professionals.  The lack of familiarity with Muslim culture and practices by mental health professionals has led to a barrier in Muslim clients seeking services. 

The Muslim community in Wisconsin represents dozens of countries of origin and a wide range of experiences. It is critical for mental health professionals to recognize the various stressors encountered based on the country of origin and how these may differ. Many mental health professionals lack experience working with Muslim clients and understanding their view of mental health as well as approaches based on gender. Many mental health professionals are unaware of the unintentional stereotypes and assumptions held regarding Muslim patients and how this has resulted in Muslims not seeking help. Mental health professionals need to be aware of the significant role of faith-based practices in mental health care. 

The conference is being held on September 18th and 19th at the Insight Life Learning Institute. The conference will consist of many guest speakers and sessions. For more information contact the MMWC at 414-727-4900. You can register for the conference at the link below.