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Lila Aryan Photography for the Wisconsin Muslim Journal

The entrance to the Lynden Sculpture Garden is clearly the entrance to an estate, the old-fashioned kind, with gatehouses and discreet, vine-covered gates. 

The art was collected by the late Peg Bradley from 1962 until her death in 1978. The place is named for her husband, Milwaukee industrialist Harry Lynde Bradley.

Educational programs, temporary exhibitions, and performances are held here year-round, and today’s HOME Festival will be all of the above.  The HOME Festival was scheduled to coincide with World Refugee Day, which is observed on June 20th and is meant to create awareness of the plight of refugees around the world.  For many of the refugees, the joy of sharing a beautiful sunny day in a lovely garden was tempered by the knowledge that millions of others did not get the opportunity to share this experience.

A accumulation of the photos are published here from the day of the event. For more information, read our extended coverage article  “Lynden Sculpture Garden welcomes families for World Refugee Day”.

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